Things to do during Quarantine and Chill

Nothing to do when you’re bored and locked-up in your house due to the virus fears? Working from home is helping you stay away from potential infection but now you’re bored out of your mind? Netflix has nothing good and you played all the board games already? 

Maybe it’s time to give some thought and review your family protection plan: is your life insurance up to date? Are you paying too much? What’s your health insurance deductible and how can you decrease your out-of-pocket spending if you get sick? Is your sick-pay plan covering short-term illnesses and long-term periods of inability to work?

Protecting yourself and your family with LIFE INSURANCE.
Call me to get the LOWEST RATES and update your family’s protection – for some plans it only takes a phone call and an email to get approved – no exam, no blood testing, don’t need to leave your house or meet with an agent or mail an application. The whole process can take about 20 minutes and some plans have instant approval. If you don’t want a printed policy in the mail, you can have your policy delivered electronically (online download or email). 

Call me at 239-LIFE-GUY or

Be safe and take care of yourself and your family!

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