Retirement Planning – maximize your retirement funding

The Retirement Advantage

We believe a retirement plan should complement your business, not complicate it.

LifeGuy retirement experts are licensed to provide retirement plans through multiple carriers; we tailor retirement plans to your business, your goals and your employees. Our vision is to help plan sponsors provide a retirement plan that will give their business a competitive edge while helping participants achieve their retirement dreams.

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Complete Program

Retirement Plans services offer many advantages.

  • Our full-service retirement plans incorporate plan design, administrative and compliance services and fiduciary assistance.
  • Our comprehensive enrollment kit and educational resources encourage employee participation.
  • Our diverse investment platform is the result of our rigorous selection and monitoring process.
  • Our team of professionals delivers personal, attentive service that helps make it easier to offer a retirement plan.

Discover the advantages that our people, products and processes bring to your retirement plan.

Plans That Fit Your Needs

LifeGuy retirement planners offer plans tailored to your business – from traditional profit sharing to advanced plans designed for high net worth employee groups.

Corporate Plans

The 401(k) is the backbone of our retirement plans business. The traditional 401(k) is the most popular employer-sponsored retirement plan for private companies. Variations include:

  • Safe Harbor 401(k)  allows highly compensated employees to contribute the maximum amount.
  • New Comparability – offers different benefit structures for different groups within a business.
  • SoloPlus – a simplified 401(k) design for small business owners.
  • Cash Balance – a hybrid of a traditional pension plan and a 401(k) that allows substantially higher contributions.

Governmental Plans

These plans allow employees of states, municipalities, political subdivisions or agencies to save for retirement without paying income taxes on contributions or on any earnings until they are withdrawn. Types of plans include:

  • 457(b) – a deferred compensation plan available for state or local government employees.
  • 401(a) Money Purchase – an employer funded plan that provides a specific level of contribution annually.
  • 414(h) – a governmental plan that allows employees to contribute on a pre-tax mandatory contribution basis. This is referred to as an Employer Pick-Up provision.

Plans That Fit Your Needs

Business Type Available Plans
Corporation 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Contribution
Non-Profit 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Contribution
Governmental Agency 414(h), 457(b)
Sole Proprietors and Partnerships SoloPlus, 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Contribution