Surviving cancer, financially

We all know someone affected by cancer and we all hate this dreaded disease. The second worst thing about a cancer diagnosis is the financial hole it will cause in your bank account.

Back when the very first heart transplant was pioneered by Dr. Marius Barnard and his brother, he noticed that patients that didn’t have additional financial fears caused by their illness were quicker to recover. Dr. Barnard came up with a way to offer patients and their families with a way to pay for certain large medical expenses, with the help of a CRITICAL ILLNESS insurance plan. The plan would pay a lump-sum benefit at the first diagnosis of a covered illness, including CANCER, heart attack, stroke or many other major illnesses.

Since 1983 when the first Critical Illness insurance was written on a patient of Dr. Barnard’s, millions of families have been saved from bankruptcy or certain financial ruin due to illnesses of their family members.

If you’re concerned about the potential financial disaster a critical illness like cancer or heart attack can cause, then you need a CANCER INSURANCE policy or a full CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE that can cover many other major illnesses besides cancer.

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