Companies overcharging for Life Insurance lose clients to NEW TERM LIFE

NEW Life Insurance

rates from $6/month

Over the past decade the life insurance rates have dropped significantly making life insurance more affordable for young families as well as seniors. With the increase in life expectancy over the past century, some insurance companies have properly adjusted their rates based on the new actuary tables to reflect the lower mortality the population is expecting today.

However, not all insurance companies have adapted the new lower rates, hoping that their loss of clients will be balanced by the higher rates and lower benefits they have to pay. You should ask your agent to compare multiple companies in order to get the lowest rates available.


NEW life insurance pays if you LIVE

New life insurance products have entered the market lately, with many policies paying benefits even during the insured’s lifetime, so you don’t have to die to get paid certain benefits by your life insurance policy. These hybrid life insurance plans can pay benefits for surviving an accident, or at first diagnosis of a critical illness like cancer, or heart attack, burns, etc.


Get ALL your premiums back if you survive

Short-term life insurance plans also known as TERM LIFE last from 10 to 20 or 30 years, usually taken to cover a temporary need like a mortgage or a loan, or until young children graduate and “leave the nest”. Usually, most TERM life policies reach their contractual end after 10-20-30 years, without paying a benefit if the insured outlives their policy. However, new TERM LIFE policies now offer a REFUND OF PREMIUMS if you live beyond the policy termination date, receiving the full amount paid over the years on premiums. Ask for the “Return of Premium” feature to be added to your life insurance policy, if you’re shopping for a new Term Life insurance plan. To add this new rider costs extra, but ALL premiums including the extra cost of the rider will be refunded back to you if you outlive your policy.



More insurance companies now offer ways to help insureds make monthly mortgage payments or even pay-off medical debt in case of a major illness or job loss due to medical reasons, or even supplement retirement income in case you live too long and are in danger to outlive your savings. Ask your agent if your new life insurance policy has any LIVING BENEFITS or supplemental benefits that can be used to cover any future needs.


New tax advantages of life insurance benefits

All these life insurance benefits also offer a tax advantage, since the current legislation allows preferential taxation of life insurance policies, where most benefits received from an insurance policy are either tax deferred (until death or policy cancellation) or even tax-free. When looking at a new life insurance plan, don’t forget to ask about the tax implications and advantages when receiving benefits for certain situations.


Rates as low as $6/month !

See your rates for the NEW term life insurance – as low as $6/month (example: $50,000 benefit for a Female age 35, non-smoker – good health).

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