– The Best Insurance Agent in the Solar System

Have you searched for “who is the best insurance agent in the solar system?” or “best insurance agent in the world” or even “who’s the best insurance agent in the Universe?”. You’ve found the LifeGuy!

For years I’ve been trying to get the first moon base astronauts, space tourists or even the first Martian settler residents insured, so I can become the first agent to help insure humans outside of the confines of our planet. In my quest I have contacted numerous insurers to get these planet-hoppers insured, but a specific exclusion in the insurers contract made these rock-hoppers uninsurable. Then I found Travelers, who insured the first astronauts to step on the moon, and Lloyd’s. It appeared that these insurers can cover anyone, if you are willing to pay the right premium.

But, let’s get back down to Earth.

What makes me a great agent? First of all – you should always work with an INDEPENDENT agent – an agent that is not an employee of a certain insurance company, an agent that is not biased towards a single insurer, an agent who can compare multiple insurance companies’ rates and can make an expert recommendation based on your true needs, and who is NOT going to push a specific company’s products on you.

Second – your insurance agent needs to be insured for errors and omissions, similar to an umbrella policy or malpractice coverage, which will demonstrate the agent’s capability to correct any possible damages arising from agent’s mistakes or any oversight.

Third – your agent needs to be experienced in the lines of insurance you need. If you put your financial future in the hands of someone, would you pick someone who just got their license, or would you prefer an agent who has helped clients for many years? I’ve been in the insurance business since 2003, going on 17 years in the insurance field. During the past 17 years I had to take refresher classes annually, including re-certification for product-specific insurance concepts as well as continuing education on business planning, estate planning, financial planning, retirement planning, senior needs, anti-money laundering and ethics in  insurance.

Lastly, you will want to work with an agent that will be there for you when you need them most: when a need arises or a covered risk is about to cause financial troubles, a good agent can help you navigate through the claim process until you’re made whole again.

My pledge is that I will do all there is in my power to hep you and your family with reliable expertise to help you avoid future financial pitfalls.


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