COVID-19 impact on Life Insurance – How will Coronavirus influence your ability to get life insurance to protect your family?

Protecting your family is my #1 goal

In these confusing times, protecting your loved ones must be constantly on your mind.

If you’re thinking of updating your life insurance protection, you may have many questions regarding the impact of the new COVID-19 outbreak in your ability to get life insurance.

  • If you already have adequate life insurance,  no need to worry! The new pandemic will not affect your current policy coverage or premiums.
  • If you’re looking to add life insurance to protect your loved ones, you may want to consider a plan that can be purchased by telephone or online, which does not require a physical or blood test. Many plans can be placed in force with only a phone call, you don’t even have to meet an agent in person.

Social distancing and life insurance underwriting

While self-quarantine and social distancing help prevent the spread of the virus, life goes on and you still need to protect your family from financial harm. Life insurance coverage is one way to protect your family and having some simple options is key during trying times like these.

Many insurers have recently lowered their life insurance rates while also simplifying their underwriting requirements for new life insurance plans. Simplified underwriting means you no longer need to get a blood test or physical exam, since the insurance companies can verify the relevant health information from digital medical records and pharmaceutical reports. You could start coverage with just a telephone call and an email / electronic signature. Many A-rated insurance carriers now offer electronic applications where you’re not even required to receive or mail in a paper application.

Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic let your family exposed to financial ruin in case of an untimely death – protect your family today!

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