Video Contest: “What Would Your Life Be Like, Without Your Hands?”

Hands put over another, palms down.
Hands put over another. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As part of our efforts to raise awareness for disabilities, illnesses and accidents that affect the lives and financial health of millions of people in the US every year, LifeGuy is challenging you to participate in our video contest: “No Hands – What Would Your Life Be Like, Without Your Hands?” 

What if I will lose the use of my hands tomorrow?

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Let’s have fun with this!

Submit your videos of you trying to do every day activities – but without using your hands (or fingers).  You can try to do different small work tasks, or eating, dressing, etc, but please – no videos of driving without hands or any other dangerous activities!!! We’re not to be held responsible if you hurt yourself at any time during the making of your video submission.

All participants will win! (every submitter will receive a free surprise gift)

The first prize is an iPod Shuffle

iPod shuffle 4G

Contest rules

– video must be at least 30 seconds (phone videos are ok);

– multiple submissions are allowed;

– video must be posted publicly on YouTube;

– video must have: “ – “No hands” video contest ” included anywhere in the video (spoken, or as text overlay)

– have the following text in the video’s description: “I have submitted this video to  for a chance to win an iPod shuffle. LifeGuy “No Hands” campaign is raising awareness for disabilities, illnesses and accidents that affect the lives and financial health of millions of Americans every year. Disability insurance helps protect your most valuable asset: your income. Without your paycheck, your family, lifestyle, home  and all of your other assets are in danger! LifeGuy is an expert in income protection with disability insurance, cancer and critical illness insurance. Go to  for professional advice “.

– Minimum 10 different participants are required for the contest to be valid.

– Duration of the contest – submissions will be accepted starting Tuesday April 2nd 2013, until April 30th 2013.

– The winner will be chosen by our contest committee based on creativity, total number of Youtube views, Facebook “likes” and “shares”.

– The contest winner will be announced publicly on Friday, May 3rd 2013.


Submit your entry here:

The small print:

Rights of use and disclaimer: by participating in this contest and submitting your video, you allow Daniel Dragan and LifeGuy to use any information or parts of the  video publicly on website or any affiliate websites, as well as in any print, audio/visual media for awareness campaigns or advertising purposes. Your identity (name, usernames) will be protected by request. If you require privacy, your name or username(s) will not be released in our videos or any published materials. Please keep in mind that we will not use any video editing that will blur faces or any identifiable marks included in your video. We can not accept submissions that clearly advertise other brands or trademarks. If a user sends more than one video for additional chances to win the first prize, the free gift will be awarded per each person only, not per the amount of videos submitted. Participants under the age of 18 will need to provide written permission from a parent or guardian to be included in the contest. US residents only. Void where prohibited.


Current submissions:

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