Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists Need Hands Insurance Too

My last client who is a physical therapist suggested that I should contact all physical therapists and massage therapists in the area because – like herself – they don’t have adequate protection provided by their employer to cover their income or paycheck. Generally, professionals in this occupation are self-employed individuals or 1099 contractors that are not covered under a hospital’s or medical office employees benefits package. Most PT’s and massage therapists would like to insure their hands, but think such a product is not available to them, or think that hands insurance may be too expensive.

Of course, one may think: why only insure the hands? What if I hurt a shoulder or have back pain? As a matter of fact, “Disability Insurance” or DI (Long-term DI and Short-term DI) will protect all the body parts and internal organs, for any illness or accident that prevents you from being able to work. Disability insurance will protect your paycheck and pay you a monthly income if you’re a PT and can’t work due to any illness or injury (on or off the job), and this coverage is very affordable.


Last client, a female age 35, insured her hands as well as all body parts for any illness or accident – with DI, for only $25 premium per month, to pay her $1,000 per month benefit as long as she can’t work due to any medical reason. When 3 or more employees choose to protect their income, they all receive up to 45% discount on their policy. Let me know if you’re interested to see some quotes to insure your hands (and all body parts) and protect your paycheck.



If you’re wondering how much it costs to insure your hands or get disability insurance, read THIS article.


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  1. I’m interest in insuring my hands. I’m a massage therapist and an Esthetician and a business owner. I would love a quote and to find out what would be covered under the insurance. Any and all information is welcomed thank you. I’m looking to do this soon.

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