“Laurel vs. Yanny” and the impact on your insurance benefits – Protect your hearing

Imagine being a sound technician and hearing the “wrong” sound when everyone else swears they hear the opposite. The internet was taken by a storm today in a debate that split the audience in half, about YANNY vs. LAUREL sound clip. Add to this the white/blue dress debate from a few years back, and it’s easy to doubt your own ears or eyes.


Would you lose your job if you can’t hear a thing?

Many would lose their jobs if they lost their ability to hear. As a professional in the audio industry you need to trust your hearing to do your job. If you lose your capacity to hear even partially, you may just need to change your job. Same goes for any other job that depends on your ability to hear: take a truck driver, or office clerk – could you do your job if you can’t hear a thing?


Get paid if you lose your hearing

DID YOU KNOW that a “disability insurance” policy will cover your hearing and in case you ever lose your ability to hear sounds due to an accident or illness/infection, you can receive a monthly insurance benefit (anywhere from $1,000 per month to over $10,000 per month, depending on how much you’re earning now). Loss of hearing does not need to be permanent either, you can receive disability benefits for temporary loss of hearing, and benefits would stop when/if your hearing comes back (whether recovered through surgery, implant or healing after an injury).


Presumptive Disability Rider

The best thing: even if you’re still able to work (same occupation or had to change jobs) but you lost your hearing completely, you will be able to collect on disability insurance benefits if your policy has the PRESUMPTIVE DISABILITY RIDER.  The presumptive rider on a disability insurance policy will make sure you’ll receive a monthly benefit in the event you lose the use of both hands, both feet, one hand and one foot, the sight of both eyes, hearing in both ears, or you become unable to speak/ lose speech.


Is your income protected?

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