How NOT to retire early.

A guide for those too busy finding excuses for not saving for retirement

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Hey, you’re doing great! /s.   That’s all there is to it, you broke the code on how NOT to retire early. Grats!

How long will you need retirement money for? Well, that whole $55,000 you’ve accumulated in your past 25 working years, will last you exactly one year and a half of retirement. What’s your plan after that? Reverse mortgage your house for pennies on a dollar?

It’s time to drop your excuses and start talking to someone about your finances. Not that you’re poor by any standards at your income well over $40,000 annually, but you seem to end up feeling every day like you live paycheck to paycheck. TALK TO SOMEONE that can get you out of that bad cycle of debt. You will keep doing what you’re doing, just redirect your spending and savings habits to help you get out of the hole and actually come up on top.

This is your wake-up call! Cut the excuses and procrastination and stop lying to yourself that next year you’ll double your efforts therefore the income and will save ALL that difference to put it towards your retirement funds. Don’t bet on tomorrow, instead safeguard your tomorrow TODAY, to guarantee that one way or another you’ll survive and actually thrive financially, without changing much in your life now.

Now it’s time to call me.










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