How to reduce the risk of cancer?

It is known that diet, exercise, smoking and other choices will greatly impact your chances of getting cancer. That’s why we have to try and eat right, stay active and have an overall healthy lifestyle. But, some of the cancers are caused by a hereditary gene. Although the hereditary abnormal gene is currently the cause for about 10% of total cancers, the mutated genes can be passed on to new generations.

Cancer is currently such a common disease, that almost anyone can think of someone in their family that has or was diagnosed with this disease at some point. We can take measures to decrease the risk of getting cancer, but we can not completely eliminate this risk.

The good news, breakthroughs in medicine and science now help many cancer patients survive the dreaded disease. Studies have also shown that a supportive environment and positive attitude of cancer patients greatly improves their healing process and their survival chances.

It is known that when cancer strikes, there is a secondary effect that also weighs heavy on the patient and their families: the financial burden brought by endless doctor visits, hospital bills, lost income, expensive alternative treatments. Over 50% of home foreclosures happen due to medical bills for illnesses of one of the household’s income earner. The fear of not having enough money for treatments and medical bills, fear of losing the home, having to sell and downgrade, being a financial burden for your family – weigh heavy on a cancer patient’s mind, thus reducing their focus on healing and sometimes decrease the effectiveness of the treatment.

This was observed by doctors who noticed that a patient was responding better when they knew their medical bills are taken care of by financial aid from families, or a comprehensive medical plan. Even with a great health insurance plan, there are many large expenses that are not covered. That’s why a surgeon – Dr. Marius Bernard – has lobbied and worked with the insurance industry to create a major illness insurance plan that would cover conditions as: cancer, heart attack, strokes, major organ transplants, major burns, Alzheimer, etc.

The plan that emerged from Dr. Bernard’s work – the critical illness policy – will pay a lump sum at first diagnosis of a list of covered illnesses, and can pay multiple times per different categories of conditions.

Let’s say you pay $1,500 per month mortgage or rent; That’s more than $30,000 in housing expenses for the next two years. In the event you or a family member would have to deal with cancer or another critical illness, you should focus on recovery and treatment and not on how are you going to pay your rent or mortgage. If one of the critical illnesses strikes, you can be sure that you’d have to deal with said illness for the next two years or more. Only your housing expenses would pile up to about $30,000 or more in two years. Wouldn’t you have peace of mind if the house costs would be paid off until you can recover? Or, you can use the lump sum benefit for some alternative treatments which are usually not covered by any major medical health insurance plans.

Benefits are available from $10,000 to $500,000 lump sum benefits, payable at first diagnosis of any covered illness. Cancer and Critical Illness plans are currently available from few different A+ rated insurance companies, and you can request a cost comparison as well as features and benefits booklet from your trusted LifeGuy broker. Click below to request more info.

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