Challenge accepted: Jennifer Love Hewitt, I will insure you!

English: Interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt
English: Interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Challenge accepted: Jennifer Love Hewitt, I want to insure your boobs!

I would normally stay away from sensationalist news, but this one relates to my business: Jennifer Love Hewitt said during her interview on USA Today that she would insure her breasts for $2.5 million, even though she values them at $5 million. It sounded to me more like a challenge for insurers to compete for offering insurance prices.  One of the best “body parts” insurance markets is Lloyds of London, which is in my porfolio of insurance carriers. Therefore I say: “Jennifer, let’s get your assets insured!”. Oh, and Jennifer – I don’t have your number, so feel free to have your agent contact me for a quote.

What can you do with $2,500,000 ?

Well, if Jennifer Love Hewitt gets $2.5 Million benefit paid today for any injury or illness that will affect her breasts, therefore affecting her ability to be in movies or TV shows, that would be just over $80,000 annual income until age 65. I can hear Jennifer Love Hewitt now: “Wait, what? Only $80k per year? That’s not a lot!” EXACTLY! You’re worth a lot more, honey!

Why am I writing this? Am I targeting Jennifer Love Hewitt to become my client? Yes and no. Although it wouldn’t hurt to have a client of her calibre and get my 15 minutes of fame, I’m actually targeting anyone who depends on their income or paycheck, to make a living. Even if your breasts are not the main body parts involved in your job performance, your ability to work could be worth $millions! Body parts insurance is only a small part of a wider benefits policy: disability insurance (DI), or as I like to call it: “Income Protection”. How does disability insurance work? If you get sick or injured at work or even off the job, and you can’t perform the duties of your occupation, you will start receiving a benefit to replace your income or paycheck lost due to your health conditions. This covers your hands, your legs, muscle and connective tissues, circulatory system, mental or nervous illness, alcoholism and any illness or accident that can affect your work. If you’re curious about the cost of insurance, I invite you to READ THIS ARTICLE or contact me directly: or 239-LIFE-GUY.


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  1. Ok I laughed 🙂

    Also, I’m a guy who’s about to be booted off his parents health insurance because I’m turning 25. Don’t have a full time job yet, and I’m about to go live in Japan for a year. What can I do? What SHOULD I do?

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