Have You Heard of “No-Sickness” Insurance?

Insurance that guarantees that you won’t get sick? Yeah, neither did we!

But, it would be great if it existed: You pay your annual premium in January and you’re guaranteed to be protected against any illnesses, accidents or medical issues for the rest of the year. This type of insurance comes with a magic wand, too. We wish! 🙂  But, what  if you could receive a guarantee that you’ll be protected from any extra medical expenses, protected from income loss and any financial stress, how much would you be willing to pay for such peace of mind? (how about less than a coffee a day?).

Peace of mind against financial disaster. 

It is proven that people with less stress in their lives live happier longer lives. Imagine dropping your car insurance today, your homeowners insurance, your life insurance, your health insurance. You’d feel unprotected, overwhelmed, stressed. You’d want to isolate yourself in a bubble trying to get protection from all the potential dangers around you. But you still have to bring in the dough and pay the bills, so you still have to go to work. Speaking of work: if you depend on your paycheck, you do realize that your ability to work may just be your biggest asset: think of all the potential income you will earn from now until retirement – could be a few million dollars! Most likely, your future potential income could be a way larger amount that the value of all your other assets combined, right? Then, that’s what needs protecting in the first place, even more than the home or your cars, or boat. If you can’t work due to an illness and your income stops, how are you going to pay your mortgage, or rent, or groceries and utilities? How about your family’s goals, children’s education, retirement?

So, there isn’t any magic “no-illness guarantee” insurance. What else can protect me?

Besides your major medical or hospital indemnity insurance, which will only pay your doctors, hospital and medications, you can protect yourself against income loss and cover your major fixed expenses or alternative treatments, deductibles and co-payments – with critical illness insurance, disability income insurance and life insurance with living benefits. See below a short description of each and where they fit best:

– Critical Illness (C.I.) Insurance – will pay you a lump sum benefit at first diagnosis of a covered illness. Benefits range from $10,000 to $500,000 lump sum. There are over 20 illnesses covered: cancer, heart issues, stroke, organ transplant, severe burns, kidney failure, paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Just think which of these do you already have in your own family? These are common critical illnesses that can happen to anyone. Protect yourself from financial stress with critical illness insurance, and you can use the funds to pay off mortgage, pay your debt, bills, continue your children’s education and career dreams while keeping your retirement funds intact. Too many times I hear of people who dip into their pension funds to pay for unexpected medical expenses, because they didn’t have adequate insurance protection. How much does C.I. insurance cost? A male age 30 non-tobacco, can get $50,000 coverage for $34 of monthly premium*.

– Disability Income (DI) Insurance – pays a monthly benefit if you lose income (temporary or permanently) due  to any medical reasons. Unlike workers’ compensation, disability insurance will also pay benefits for injuries or illnesses that are not job related. That helps, because most disabling injuries or illnesses occur off the job site: 9 in 10, to be exact.  How much does disability insurance cost? A female physical therapist age 35 can get $1,000 monthly benefit for 2 years or as long as she has a loss of income due to health issues, for only $28 per month*.

– Life insurance with living benefits: Life insurance is not just to pay a benefit to your loved ones after you die. New hybrid life insurance policies include living benefits like: mortgage protection in case of sickness, even paying your mortgage in case you lose your job! Other riders that can be included: accident and dismemberment benefits, cancer and income loss benefits, spouse and children coverage. This type of life insurance policy is rapidly growing in popularity due to the fact that a potential client has to complete one single application for all these different benefits. How much does this type of hybrid life insurance with living benefits riders cost? $150,000 benefit, for a male age 40, non smoker – is $41 per month. Not bad for the peace of mind of having your mortgage paid in the event of an illness, job loss or premature death.

Are there any guarantees? What if I’m lucky and never need to use my insurance?

If you’re still thinking that it may not happen to you, ask for the Return of Premium guarantee, a rider you can add to any of these products which will insure to refund your premiums at the end of the insurance contract, if you didn’t receive any benefits. WIN-WIN! Protection when you need it most, or your money back if you didn’t use your insurance!


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