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I’ve met many people during my career, who need insurance protection but can’t really afford it. So I’m trying to make the world a better place and take one little worry out of people’s minds: protecting their families. I have a free GIFT for all who are interested: please help me spread the word: FREE ACCIDENT LIFE POLICY – no payment due at signing, no credit card or bank information required. After 12 months, you may choose to continue the coverage for $10/year/family!!!

I have helped many friends and clients protect their families and businesses for the past 16 years. I would love to extend this offer to you and your family as well. To do so, I’m offering you a FREE (no cost, no tricks, no gimmicks) Accidental Benefit life policy of $3,000 for each adult in your family and $1,000 for each minor child (or $2,000 per child in Florida).

How does it work?

  • You are covered from the moment you sign the application. Please send it back to me by fax, email or mail.
  • Send NO MONEY, no check, no bank or credit card account information.
  • No health questions asked!
  • At policy anniversary after 12 months from signing, if you want to continue coverage, you can ask to keep your policy and pay only $10/annually per policy (up to 8 family members can be covered with one policy – 2 adults, 6 children).
  • You can cancel after 12 months and you don’t need to ever send any payment information, and your coverage will terminate at that time if you choose not to renew.

What insurance company assumes the risk?

The insurance company is United American, an A+ rated and very stable insurance carrier. They cover the first 12 months premiums for your policy, with first premium due at anniversary. Policy details are HERE.

Why do I offer this to you, for free? What’s in it for me?

My dream is to live in a world without sickness, death or financial trouble. I know that’s impossible, so the least I can do is to use my knowledge in financial protection products to offer at least a small benefit to my friends and clients. Please accept my gift and send back the attached application, completed and signed. If you would like to cover other risks as well, or get a higher benefit (life, cancer, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s, burns, premature death, mortgage payment, income replacement, etc) please let me know. Premiums are VERY low, I promise! (The free policy I just offered is my proof.)

 Who else do you know that could benefit from this FREE life insurance policy? Let me know and/or share this page with them. 


Daniel “LifeGuy” Dragan  – Independent Licensed Insurance Broker

(239) 466-4466



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Daniel is a dedicated insurance expert with a focus on helping individuals, families and small businesses avoid financial disasters with Life Insurance products, Paycheck Protection (Disability Insurance), Retirement planning, Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance, executive and business protection plans. With his comprehensive knowledge and experience in financial protection, Daniel can help save money as well as get all your insurance premiums returned to you if you didn't use any of the benefits. "Return of Premium" insurance is one of Daniel's strengths and along with his personal approach to his customers' needs, one of the main reasons his clients are referring him to friends, family and business partners. Daniel offers free financial consultations and can be reached by email at or phone: (239) LIFE-GUY or 239-466-4466

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