Financial security that removes the risk factor, with tax-free growth

New product: Retirement supplement product that has living benefits and life insurance. Its contract is IRS compliant and allows loans against cash value that are not treated as income or capital gains, therefore non- taxable funds with lifetime of growth. Cash value is NOT invested in the market so no market crash risk, hence the guarantees. Dividends up to 12.5% by a 160 year old company rated A++/Excellent/Superior by all agencies. Best feature is using the cash value for loans, value does not decrease and owner earns interest on the full account value (including the loans).


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Daniel is a dedicated insurance expert with a focus on helping individuals, families and small businesses avoid financial disasters with Life Insurance products, Paycheck Protection (Disability Insurance), Retirement planning, Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance, executive and business protection plans. With his comprehensive knowledge and experience in financial protection, Daniel can help save money as well as get all your insurance premiums returned to you if you didn't use any of the benefits. "Return of Premium" insurance is one of Daniel's strengths and along with his personal approach to his customers' needs, one of the main reasons his clients are referring him to friends, family and business partners. Daniel offers free financial consultations and can be reached by email at or phone: (239) LIFE-GUY or 239-466-4466

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