Sick pay for stay-at-home parents – Disability insurance for homemakers?

A “stay-at-home” parent does not actively bring in an income, but the services provided are valued by experts at around $60 – $90,000 per year (depending on where they live). What is the actual job description of a homemaker? Nanny, taxi cab driver, chef, personal shopper, housekeeper, scheduler, nurse, etc. Think of all the expenses you’ll incur to replace your stay-at-home spouse if she/he gets sick or hurt and can’t perform these duties?


Can a home maker get sick-pay, or disability insurance?

Can a stay-at-home mom (or dad) receive a monthly income payment in case of a disability due to illness or accident, so they can hire help to do their chores around the house, take kids to school, cook or go shopping if they’re sick and can’t do their regular activities of daily living? Yes, they can!

Not all insurance companies can insure an unemployed parent who does not have an income to insure, but these plans are available from a handful of companies.


How much does it cost to insure a homemaker if they get sick, and need to hire help?

Sick-pay for homemaker parents is not expensive at all; see below a chart with monthly premiums for $500 /mo benefit, for a female age 35, non smoker. Return of Premium (ROP) rider is also available, that will insure to refund all premiums back to you at age 67, if you never received any benefits. (In some states, the “two year pure own occupation” rider is required to be attached to your policy).

Stay-at-home moms can receive monthly benefit payments if they get sick or hurt

What illnesses and medical conditions are covered?

Hands injuries, back ache, musculoskeletal disorders, severe migraines, internal organs, diabetes, even mental and nervous illnesses are covered. Any injury or illness that affects one’s ability to perform their daily activities involved in a homemaker’s normal “duties”, are covered by sick-pay or disability insurance for homemakers.


Can I use the benefits for anything I need/want?

Benefits received from a sick-pay insurance policy (disability insurance for homemakers) can be used for day care expenses, transportation, cleaning or cooking services, groceries, medications and any expenses necessary. You are not limited on the products or services you may use the insurance benefits received from your disability policy.


What if I get a job? Will I be able to keep my coverage issued while I was a homemaker?

Yes, if you change your occupation or job status from “homemaker” to being actively employed and receiving a salary, your coverage transfers and protects your new occupation. You can even change the benefit amount and benefit period if your occupation changes. If no changes occur to your policy, the premiums will not change based on your increasing age or changes in your health status, unless the insurance company decides to increase the whole portfolio of policies issued to all their clients in the same class.


What if I recover before the policy’s benefit period ends?

If your health status improves before the end of your benefit period, the sick-pay disability benefits stop as well, but the remaining benefit period remains available on your policy for different future illnesses or in case your previous illness’ symptoms reoccur.


What other types of insurance may help a homemaker financially, in case of illness or accident?

Of course, health insurance is needed for medical expenses and hospital bills, doctors visits, medications and treatments. Critical Illness insurance policy can pay a lump sum at first diagnosis of cancer, heart attack or stroke, as well as many other critical illnesses. Accident-only policies and Hospital plans are also available to cover high deductible major medical gaps in coverage. Maternity benefits in case of pregnancy complications and child delivery may also be available. Life insurance with terminal illness accelerated benefits can also help with mortgage payments, alternative treatments, or even help replace income loss and allowing the spouse to take time off from work and care for the sick.


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