Critical Illness Insurance Needs for Employers and Employees

Critical Illness insurance needs for employers and employees:
PPACA has caused several small employers to rethink health insurance coverage they provide to their employees and many of you might not have any coverage.  Critical Illness policies provide some coverage for critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, heart attack etc.  They are also a wonderful compliment to existing coverage like health insurance, disability income and life insurance.

Ask yourself these questions:

Mortgage Protection – Would you be able to pay for the mortgage if you had a major illness and survived but were never able to work again? Would you like to receive a lump sum upon diagnosis whether you are able to work or not so you can make the payments or pay off the mortgage?

Buy-Sell – You have already purchased life insurance as part of a business buy sell agreement to buy out your partner if he dies. What if he becomes critically ill and/or totally disabled and never able to work?

Health Insurance Combo Sale – Would you like to cover the gaps of health insurance such as deductibles, co-pays, and experimental procedures, non-medical expenses such as vehicle and home modifications in addition to helping pay all the regular on-going bills? Would you like to receive a lump sum upon diagnosis or occurrence of a critical illness?

Singles – Who will take care of you if you are totally disabled or diagnosed with a critical illness? Where will the funds come from to secure the outside care and assistance needed?

Disability Supplement – On your disability policy you have a 3 month period where you don’t get anything upon being disabled. How would you take care of the bills and household for that period if you have become disabled? Would you like to receive a lump sum to keep the household afloat until the DI kicks in?

Housewives – If your spouse were to become critically ill will you be able to hire a home health care worker or more importantly be able to take off from work to take care of your spouse? Would you like to receive a lump sum upon such diagnosis to pay the health care worker and/or replace the lost wages?

Self-Employed – Do you have a large amount of business debt? The continued success of the business requires your on-going contributions. If you became critically ill, would you like to receive a lump sum, so that you can continue to pay your employees, hire temporary talent and retire business debt?

Do you have answers/solutions to these questions ?
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