Can I insure my eyes?

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I get this kind of questions all the time: Can I insure my eyes? How about my hands? Fingers? Can someone insure their brain?
People get concerned when they see someone else or find themselves suffering from a condition or injury that would interfere with the way they earn money today. A surgeon or chiropractor can think of their hands as being their money-makers, while a teacher or engineer may think their brain is their most important asset. But how about your eyes? No matter what job you have, you depend almost entirely on your ability to see in order to accomplish any task.

The good news

Yes, you can! You can insure your eyes, as well as all the other body parts with an all-in-one disability insurance policy which will cover everything: your eyes, back, hands, legs, brain, lungs, etc. If an illness or injury affects your ability to work, then you will start receiving a monthly benefit check to replace (part of) your income lost.

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