Everything You Own Depends On Your Income. Protect your paycheck!

What will you have to give up on, if you lose part of your income due to medical issues? If you lose part of your income due to medical issues, what will you have to cut expenses on? Will you give up buying food? Paying for utilities? Who will pay for your family’s expenses? Can […]

Ten Myths About Disability Insurance, Debunked

Top Ten Myths About Disability Insurance, Debunked   You may have your reasons for not getting disability income (DI) insurance. But do you know the facts?   10.    Social Security will take care of me. Fact: Social Security initially denies about 65 percent of all disability claims.*   9.    I expect to stay […]

Life Happens! We Have Solutions. Financial protection for you, your family and your business

Event-based Solutions Our experienced advisors can help you with customized protection solutions for your life’s biggest events: Saying “I do” Being a parent Single and independent Buying a home Owning a business Life changes all the time. As we encounter new situations, our protection needs change as well. LifeGuy is here to help with the […]

Lost wages compensation for off or on the job injuries or illnesses

You may already be familiar with how Workers’ Comp works: if you get injured at work or on a job site, you will receive compensation to replace the income lost due to being unable to work due to your injuries or work related sickness. However, did you know that over 90% of insurance claims are […]

Small business owners may opt out of Workmans Comp and get better protection with DI

Many business owners may be able to opt out of Workmans comp coverage on themselves, and get cheaper and better protection with a Disability Insurance policy, that will cover them for any on or off the job injury or illness. Workers’ compensation only protects you for on the job injuries, and not for illnesses or […]

Invisible illnesses can steal your paycheck

Did you ever have to park far from the main entrance at a shopping center, just to see someone parked in a “handicapped” spot who comes out of the car and is not in a wheelchair? You may be tempted to think that they’re just taking advantage of the system or just using a relative’s […]

Happy 10th Anniversary, Disability.gov

Has your life been touched by disability? A friend, cousin, sibling or other family member? YOU?  Then you probably know that one of the best resources for disability benefits information is the Disability.gov website which this year celebrates 10 years of providing expert advice and financial resources to people dealing with illnesses and disabling accidents. […]

Can I insure my hands? Where to get hands insurance

Can I insure my hands? Surgeons, Dentists, Physicians – click here for Specialty own-occ DI Yes, you can insure your hands and it makes total sense: you depend on your hands to do pretty much anything. Hands insurance is a must for almost anyone working with their hands. It is most popular amongst Massage Therapists, […]

If you could afford to insure one of your body parts, which would that be?

  You’ve heard of celebrities getting huge amounts of insurance for certain body parts to help them avoid a financial burden if one day they can’t perform their job: After Gillette determined that Rihanna has the most goddess-like legs in the world, she insured them for $1 million. Madonna thinks she would lose about $2,000,000 […]

When Should I Get Life Insurance?

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today!   Many people ask me when is the best time to get life insurance. Three good reasons to talk about the future, today: 1) “Tomorrow” doesn’t come with a guarantee 2) The sooner you start planning, the more […]

Call the Life Guy now – Protect your family. (Radio spot – ESPN, 99X)

This is our latest radio ad. Comments are welcome 🙂    

Sick Pay – What Business Owners Need To Know

Few employers are aware that if they continue paying the salary of a disabled employee without a written Qualified Sick Pay Plan (or QSPP) in place prior to the disability, the payments they make lose the deductibility as a wage expense. This will be considered as an “ad-hoc” sick pay plan, and few people are aware of […]

Prayers are welcome, but I’m sending a check!

The hardest thing in life is the loss of a loved one. But almost as hard is having someone we love deal with cancer, or any other serious illness or accident. Or – even worst – be the burden for your family if you are the one hit with such bad luck.  We’ve all been […]

Leap Into a Safer Future

This year we have an extra day: February 29th only comes once every four years. It is interesting to know that Egyptians came up with the Leap Day to make up for the difference between their calendar and the time it takes the Earth to complete a full rotation around the Sun. These ancient people […]

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