Specialty OWN-OCC DI

Disability insurance with a true “own-occupation” definition to protect your specialty

When looking to protect your income as a highly trained professional or physician, you should get the best own-occ disability policy that will pay a full benefit if you can’t work in your own occupation, even if you choose to work in another occupation or specialty. This is called “specialty own-occ DI”.

Disability insurance with the best own-occ coverage is available for ALL occupations but mostly sought after by physicians, surgeons, dentists and other medical specialty doctors, as well as some white collar occupations (attorneys, CPA’s, engineers).

Although most of the non-“true” own-occ disability definitions may still pay a benefit in case you can’t work in your own occupation even if you could physically do another unrelated job but choose not to do so, they will not pay full benefits in case you do decide to work in any other occupation at all for wages or profit. These DI policies and definitions would however be the best fit for blue collar and gray collar workers. The “second best” DI policy you can have would normally have this verbiage in it’s total disability definition: “you’re protected in your occupation and not working in any other occupation for wage or profit”.

While different insurance carriers’ DI definitions can differ slightly, we can provide comparisons from all the best companies and allow you to compare and choose the best “own-occ” disability insurance for your specific occupation:

  Physicians and Medical occupations   |   Engineers   |   CPA’s   |   Attorneys   |   Real Estate agents


“True” own-occ is available for your occupation and specialty; get free comparisons from the best rated DI carriers: Ameritas/ Union Central, Principal, MetLife, Standard, Mutual of Omaha, Assurity, Guardian/ Berkshire, Mass Mutual, Lloyds of London. Protect your medical specialty or professional degree with true own-occupation definition of disability insurance.

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