Disability Income Insurance

Income Protection - What's your most valuable asset?

Disability Income Insurance or Paycheck Protection – also called Sick Pay Insurance, or Sick Leave Insurance.

What if you get sick or hurt and you can’t pay your mortgage?

Your ability to work and earn your income is your most valuable asset. How would you pay for your car, your home, your lifestyle if you lost your income?

You are probably protecting your home and car with insurance – but these are the golden eggs. How about the “goose” that laid those golden eggs: your ability to work and earn a paycheck?

We can guarantee your income will continue even if you get sick, as well as guarantee retirement by continuing your retirement contributions in case you become too sick or hurt to work! Learn how to protect your paycheck. Disability income insurance is a must-have in every financial plan. You can’t plan for the future without making sure your paycheck keeps coming.

What are your odds? See disability statistics below:

– 48% of all home foreclosures are due to a disability  but only 3% of foreclosures were caused by untimely death of one of the breadwinners in the family.

– 1 out of every 18 mortgages is not being paid because of an illness or accident of the mortgage holder. 

What would you do if you got hurt or ill and couldn’t go to work? If your paycheck stops coming in, how would you pay your bills, mortgage, groceries, your family’s expenses? Do you have a backup plan?


Disability insurance is now easier to get

Stay protected with Simplified DI.

A quick and easy application process;

No blood tests or urine specimen needed if benefit is under a certain threshold; no financial verification required in most cases.

An underwriting decision can be given within 48 hours;

You have the option to annually increase your benefits, without providing proof of medical insurability

Flexibility to customize your policy with optional features and benefits (cancer benefits, non-disabling injuries benefits, etc.






Defend Your Income game

Defend Your Income game – a fun way to help people understand the risk of a disability and how to defend against it.




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