Lisa, please see below links to your quotes:

  1. Assurity – $2,000/month benefit 
  2. Lloyds – $2,000/month benefit (maximum they would offer to dental hygienists)
  3. Assurity – $4,000/month benefit
  4. Lloyds – lump sum of $300,000 maximum.

These policies will cover you if you can’t work due to illness or injury to your hands, and also arms, bck, etc – these are full ‘disability insurance’ policies. The “hands-only” policies from Lloyds are only available for occupations like surgeons, dentists, etc.

I understand that you already have an “accident-only” disability poolicy, which I imagine is very inexpensive – and the reason is that accidents are less than 10% of disability claims. Most claims come from illnesses.


Please give me a call to discuss.

Daniel Dragan



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