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LifeGuy insurance experts can find options for you even if you have an extensive health history. One of the insurance companies that offer a simplified underwriting life insurance, or simplified issue Whole Life – is Foresters. Get a free quote below:

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Foresters’ products at a glance

  1. Foresters LifeFirst and Strong Foundation – Term life insurance can provide affordable, temporary protection. You choose the initial term and your premiums remain the same during that period of time.
  2. Foresters PlanRight – Permanent whole life coverage that can be used to help cover final expenses.
  3. Foresters Advantage Plus – Permanent coverage, with guaranteed premiums and death benefits, and the potential for dividends and accumulation of cash value.


Foresters Advantage Plus
• Lifetime protection (up to age 121) at a level premium – either 20-Pay or Paid-up at 100, up to $250,000 in face with non-med1 underwriting and medical available above non-med limits
• Point-of-sale decisioning available on non-med
• 10- or 20-Year Term Riders for additional low cost coverage (20-Year Term only available on Paid-up at 100)
• Paid-up Additions (PUA) Rider available on medically-underwritten certificates allows the owner to purchase additional coverage, with additional cash value, without evidence of insurability
• Juvenile coverage available, starting at age 0




Foresters TERM – Life First

With Foresters Lifefirst, you can enjoy affordable, guaranteed level premiums for your base life insurance protection during the initial term, plus the convenience of a variety of protection options all in one package. You can choose a personal protection plan that matches your specific needs with a choice of 10-, 20- and 30-year terms.


Foresters TERM – Strong Foundation

Foresters Strong Foundation level term life insurance is designed to help your family meet its financial obligations in the event of your death. It is available in a wide range of terms: 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. You can select the term that best matches your specific need. With guaranteed level premiums for the initial term, you’ll know exactly how much your insurance protection will cost, and your premiums will never increase during the initial term period you have selected.


Foresters Whole Life – PlanRight

There are three types of PlanRight plans, one that immediately provides a full death benefit and two that provide a limited death benefit in the first two years. The plan type you receive is based on your answers on the application. PlanRight premiums are level and guaranteed. Unlike some other expenses in life, you can expect PlanRight premiums to remain the same for as long as you keep the coverage. Your death benefit will never be canceled because of changes in your health while your coverage is in effect, as long as premiums are paid.

Can you tell me more about Foresters Whole Life insurance?

Foresters Whole Life provides protection for your lifetime, as long as you pay your premiums when due. And, because it is participating life insurance, Foresters Whole Life may also pay dividends. These dividends can be used to purchase Paid-Up Additions, or left on deposit to accumulate with interest at a guaranteed rate. Dividends left on deposit can be used to reduce your premium or they can be paid to you in cash. Foresters Whole Life also has guaranteed cash value that you can borrow against to help deal with temporary needs or emergencies. Please remember that any outstanding loans, plus interest, will reduce your death benefit.

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