Final Expense Life Insurance comparison



How much Face Amount $40 Monthly Premium will Buy

              Sorted by Female age 65 Non Tobacco

Company Product


F- 65-NT

FORESTERS Plan Right 7,961 10,012
CONTINENTAL LIFE   INS   CO (TN) EZ Life 6,843 9,817
UNITED HOME LIFE   INS   CO Premier 6,810 9,758
SHENANDOAH LIFE   INS   CO Golden Promise I 7,352 9,692
FIRST LIFE   AMERICA CORP Golden Eagle 6,876 9,626
AMERICO FINANCIAL LIFE Ultra Protector I 7,237 9,540
EQUITABLE LIFE & CASUALTY Little More Life 7,055 9,539
MOTORISTS LIFE  INS CO Simplified Issue 6,978 9,538
AMERICAN HOME   LIFE Guide Star 7,200 9,515
MONUMENTAL LIFE INS CO Immediate Solution 6,759 9,407
FORETHOUGHT LIFE   INS   CO Forethought Forelife 7,177 9,205
UNICARE LIFE   & HEALTH Life Benefits 6,576 9,179
COLUMBIAN LIFE   INS   CO Dignified Choice 6,992 9,120
ASSURITY LIFE   INS   CO Legacy Guardian 7,315 9,037
ASSURITY LIFE   INS   CO Lifescape Simplified 7,315 9,037
PROVIDENT AMERICAN INS CO Simplified Issue 6,187 8,981
SETTLERS LIFE   INS   CO Gold Plan 7,288 8,923
STANDARD LIFE   & CASUALTY Senior Advantage 6,898 8,920
UNITY FINANCIAL LIFE Companion Plan 6,561 8,861
UNITED HERITAGE LIFE   INS   CO Protector Whole Life 6,553 8,859
NATIONAL SECURITY   INS   CO Simplified Issue 6,325 8,835
BALTIMORE   LIFE INS CO Silver Guard 6,794 8,818
UNITED OF OMAHA   LIFE INS CO Priority Whole Life 6,891 8,797
AMERICAN-AMICABLE LIFE Golden Solution 6,822 8,771
OCCIDENTAL LIFE   INS   CO OF NC Golden Solution 6,822 8,771
PIONEER AMERICAN   INS   CO Golden Solution 6,822 8,771
PIONEER SECURITY   LIFE INS CO Golden Solution 6,822 8,771
CONTINENTAL GENERAL INS   CO Senior Life 7,075 8,730
AMERICAN PIONEER   LIFE Senior Security I 6,585 8,692
CONSTITUTION LIFE   INS   CO Senior Security I 6,585 8,692
MARQUETTE NATIONAL LIFE INS CO Senior Tribute 6,790 8,692
STANDARD LIFE   & ACCIDENT AdvantageGuard 6,969 8,641
NATIONAL GUARDIAN   LIFE INS CO Essential Series 6,228 8,625
CHESAPEAKE Final Expense 6,345 8,417
PYRAMID LIFE   INS   CO Senior Life 7,072 8,150
UNITY MUTUAL LIFE Horizon 2003 6,006 8,126
BANKERS LIFE   AND CASUALTY Basic Life 4,991 8,107
BANKERS FIDELITY LIFE   INS   CO Senior Security Preferred 6,403 8,035
FIVE   STAR LIFE   INS   CO Silver Premier 5,833 7,955
AMERICAN-AMICABLE LIFE Platinum Choice 6,043 7,770
OLD AMERICAN   INS   CO Budget Master 5,481 7,257
LINCOLN HERITAGE   LIFE Preferred Whole Life 5,958 7,129
CONSECO INS   CO Providence 5,315 6,909
SENIOR LIFE INS CO Standard W.L. 4,121 5,585
UNITED AMERICAN INS CO 400 Series 3,865 5,348

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