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American General Healthy Credits Program                     American General’s Healthy Credits Program gives your clients the opportunity to qualify for the best underwriting class available. Clients aged 41-70 may qualify for an upgrade if they meet 4 of the 16 reference points in the program.
American National Underwriting Express         American National’s Underwriting Express offers up to $250K through age 65.
Aviva Guaranteed Term Exchange Program           Aviva’s Guaranteed Term Exchange Program gives your clients valuable, permanent life insurance protection with NO UNDERWRITING.
Fidelity Life Rapid Decision Rapid Decision Senior Life Term and Whole Life is now available.
Genworth Educate Prospects with Pre-Existing Conditions           Recent medical advances and sophisticated underwriting practices may no longer make some health conditions a barrier in obtaining preferred rates. View this article – Educate prospects with pre-existing conditions – by Anthony Vossenberg.
ING Type II Diabetes – Potential for Preferred?           If your client is a true Standard risk and meets the Preferred criteria, he or she may be eligible for Preferred rates.  View the case study.
Legal & General Illustration Tips, Underwriting Strengths & Sales Ideas Medical impairment strengths, credits, the power of Standard Plus, retention & capacity, and family history are some of the reasons you should quote Legal & General.
MetLife One-Year Term                   Simplified underwriting is available for One Year Term.
North American Underwriting Strengths           North American has narrowed down the Top 10 ways their underwriting can make a difference in your life insurance business.
Protective ROSCO           The Return of Substandard Charges Option Rider (ROSCO) encourages individuals to improve their health through key lifestyle changes; with a goal of outliving their life expectancies.
Prudential Underwriting Enhancements Underwriting enhancements from the past few years allow more of your clients the chance to get quality life insurance coverage and continue to push Prudential to the forefront of underwriting innovation.
SBLI Underwriting Sweet Spots           SBLI’s underwriting sweet spots include asthma, sleep apnea and Type II Diabetes. Click here for SBLI’s Underwriting Guide.
Transamerica Final Expense Whole Life           Transamerica’s Final Expense Whole Life product offers simplified underwriting with face amounts up to $50k.
United of Omaha/           Mutual of Omaha Fit Underwriting Success Story           It can be difficult to find affordable insurance for clients with certain health conditions. With the FIT Credit Program, your clients may get credits for basic lifestyle characteristics. View this FIT Underwriting Success Story for Parkinson’s Disease.


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