I Got Life Insurance Because …

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the importance of life insurance, backed up by expert advice. But the other day we found out that there is a lot we can learn by just listening. We asked LIFE FOUNDATION’s Facebook fans to fill in a simple phrase, and what they came back with is a great primer on why life insurance is important to have.  (What can we say? We have a great group of smart Facebook fans.) Here is what they said:

I own life insurance because …


I want to provide for the ones I leave behind. —Anton

I love my family and I hope it will help them when I’m gone. —Tonya

Everybody dies, duhhhh. —Alisha

I’m protecting my parents from my student loans, my insurability and later retirement income or an emergency fund. —Shane

I love my family and I owe $$. —Manny

It’s the responsible, selfless thing to do. No matter what your financial situation, you can’t afford not to have life insurance. —Theresa

It’s the only way I can provide for my family if I die. —Cina

I want to ensure my grandson’s insurability. —Caroline

It’s my responsibility to make sure my death doesn’t become my loved ones’ shackle.  —Karen

It gives me peace of mind! —Chrystal

I love my family and don’t want them to suffer financially if something would happen to me. —Kimberly

It’s the best investment in the world. It pays the most when you need it the most. —Ricky

I want my wife to stay in our home, my children to be able to go to college and my wife to be a full time grandmother if she so chooses. —Mike

One cannot control fate, but one can control how fate affects their family. —Ed

I never want my family to struggle or have to throw a benefit for my expenses. —Shawn

I love and want to protect my family. —Philip

(And we couldn’t resist adding this “LIFE Happens” answer.)

Cuz the peeps in this city drive like lunatics. —Janice


How would you fill in the blank? I own life insurance because ________________.

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  1. I own life insurance because I know that if something were to happen to me, I would want my son to have enough money to finish his education and the love of my life to be able to take some time off from work if he needed to grieve. I can’t imagine going back to work 3 days after the person I love dies – but that’s a sad reality. Good employers give you 3 days bereavement leave. Many employers give you none. Do YOU think you can go back to work 3 days after your spouse dies?

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