Active Care – Supplemental Insurance, as a response to Health Care Reform

Active Care – Supplemental Insurance, as a response to Health Care Reform

Please read below a brief description on what Active Care is and where it fits:

Washington National is proud to introduce a new policy that could very well change the supplemental health landscape. It is called Active Care. We designed this policy to respond to the many changes occurring in both the medical (Health Care reform) and Medicare markets. The policy has 75 available lump sum plus indemnity benefits in 5 benefit modules (Cancer, Heart/Stroke, Other Critical Conditions, Hospitalization, and Accident). Two of the five modules have recurrence benefits built into the design. Return of Premium is available as a rider. You can get Hospitalization and Accident riders up to age 85. You can get Heart, Stroke benefits even if you have been diagnosed with diabetes!
The issue age is 18 to 85 with full compensation paid to 85. The policy is guaranteed renewable for life, benefits won’t decrease with age and your compensation will not decrease. It can be purchased on a direct or voluntary benefit platform with multiple pay modes. It features simplified issue underwriting (no MIB’s, no PHI’s, no medical records or tests) so you will know at the time you apply if the application will be accepted or not.
If you ever wanted one supplemental policy that has all of the best features of 5 of the most popular supplemental policies with one universal application, then call us today! 239-543-3489 to get a quote on this valuable protection.



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