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86% of Americans think life insurance is too expensive, yet they overestimate the cost

In a recent survey by the Life Foundation it was discovered that the majority of the Americans who don’t own life insurance think that it’s too expensive. Most of the ones interviewed have wrongly estimated on average that the cost of life insurance is over twice the real premium amounts. In reality, during the last […]

Best no-medical term insurance with disability rider

If you’re considering term insurance, think about adding some of the living benefits on your life insurance policy: term insurance with disability rider, mortgage protection that pays your mortgage if you lose your job, cancer insurance that will pay a lump sum of money if you get diagnosed with cancer, stroke or heart attack. The […]

Life Insurance Benefits

Full Name: Email: Phone: I’m interested in: Life Insurance, Family and Asset Protection Mortgage Protection Insurance Cancer Insurance (Lump sum benefit at first diagnosis) Critical Illness Insurance (Heart Attack, Stroke, Major Burns, Alzheimer, Cancer) Paycheck Protection (Disability Insurance) Retirement Protection Please provide details: DOB: Ht/Wt: Smoker? Medical history, medications: Benefit amount needed:

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Insurance or Mortgage Protection is needed when you are concerned about making your house payments in case you lose your job, or if you get too sick or hurt to work and earn an income, or in case of premature death. To get a mortgage insurance protection quote, fill out the form below: Full […]

In A Perfect World…

In a Perfect World … In a perfect world, there would be no disease. No accidents. No death. In a perfect world, there would be no risks. In a perfect world, you would not need insurance to cover your life, health, family, mortgage, business… In an almost perfect world, if you do need to get […]

When Should I Get Life Insurance?

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today!   Many people ask me when is the best time to get life insurance. Three good reasons to talk about the future, today: 1) “Tomorrow” doesn’t come with a guarantee 2) The sooner you start planning, the more […]

Can You Insure Your Love? – Radio spot

Can you insure your love? Yes you can, with Life insurance. You do things for your family out of love. What if you won’t be here tomorrow? Show them you love them even when you’re not around. Get Life Insurance from $10 per m onth! Get your quote free, at (239) LIFE-GUY or online at […]

Prayers are welcome, but I’m sending a check!

The hardest thing in life is the loss of a loved one. But almost as hard is having someone we love deal with cancer, or any other serious illness or accident. Or – even worst – be the burden for your family if you are the one hit with such bad luck.  We’ve all been […]

Real Dads Have Life Insurance

Just the other day I was talking to a friend of mine whose sister has three young children. My friend was distraught because her sister and the children had to move to a different state. She could not find work in the past few years and couldn’t afford to pay her mortgage anymore. Her husband […]

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