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BaconFest visitors special offer from LifeGuy

Thanks for visiting our booth at BACON FEST! As promised, I will help you get FREE LIFE INSURANCE for a full year! (then, if you decide to keep it after the first FREE 12 months, it’s only $10/year per FAMILY!) Download the application below,       or      READ MORE here. ACCIDENTAL $3000 [...]


Medicare or Health questions? We have answers!   Full Name: Email: Phone: I’m interested in: Return Of Premium Life Insurance, Family and Asset Protection, FINAL EXPENSES Medicare Major Medical Health Insurance Free pharmacy discount card for prescription drugs Medicare Supplements Mortgage Protection Insurance Cancer Insurance (Lump sum benefit at first diagnosis) Critical Illness Insurance (Heart [...]

Senior Care Plan – Final Expense

SENIOR CARE PLANS – FINAL EXPENSE from $29/month CALL (239) 466-4466 Have you seen our TV ad for seniors final expense? SENIOR CARE FINAL EXPENSE PLANS – FROM $29/MONTH CALL NOW: (239) 466-4466   or  (239) LIFE-GUY   Final Expense life insurance coverage for seniors between ages of 50 and 90 – you can qualify [...]

All Lives Matter

In an effort to provide financial help to all families, LifeGuy started the “All Lives Matter” Project, providing a free accident life policy* to all families in the US. If you want to get your FREE accidental life policy, complete this short application and send it to Daniel “LifeGuy” Dragan by email, fax, or mail. [...]

Powerball dreams, or reality check?

When I ask people why they don’t have enough protection for big life events and risks (mortgage protection, protection against financial disaster brought by illnesses, accidents, end-of-life or even outliving their savings) the answer I hear most often is “money”. The misconception is that you have to have a lot of money to protect your [...]

Everything You Own Depends On Your Income. Protect your paycheck!

What will you have to give up on, if you lose part of your income due to medical issues? If you lose part of your income due to medical issues, what will you have to cut expenses on? Will you give up buying food? Paying for utilities? Who will pay for your family’s expenses? Can [...]

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Sick pay for stay-at-home parents – Disability insurance for homemakers?

A “stay-at-home” parent does not actively bring in an income, but the services provided are valued by experts at around $60 – $90,000 per year (depending on where they live). What is the actual job description of a homemaker? Nanny, taxi cab driver, chef, personal shopper, housekeeper, scheduler, nurse, etc. Think of all the expenses [...]

There’s More Than One Kind of Duck – Suplemental Insurance Alternatives for Individuals and Self-Employed

The white talking duck has done a tremendous job raising awareness for availability of supplemental health plans and loss of wages (disability insurance) plans. These insurance policies  can help pay your bills if you get hurt or sick, whereas major medical only pays your doctors, hospital, and pharmacy. Many consumers are not aware that if [...]

“Which job would YOU choose?” How to increase employees retention and loyalty

Your employees are the heart of your business What makes your business valuable? Great service, good products, happy employees. Trusted loyal key employees are hard to find, but when you find them, you better keep them happy! Make sure your employees are encouraged to stay with you, by providing certain benefits sometimes at no extra [...]

Do you insure your insurance? Waive your premiums, expenses, utilities and bills

“Insuring your insurance” – This may sound redundant at first glance, but did you think how will you pay your health insurance premiums if you get sick and can’t work? And that’s exactly when you’ll need your health insurance the most! Waiver of Premium (WOP) Some life insurance policies come with a waiver of premium [...]

Funny jingle – 239-LIFE-GUY cowboy style

We loved this video from our Camp Cookie cowboy friend; I know you’ll enjoy it! And YES – Return of Premium is available on most plans, which will pay back all premiums paid if you didn’t receive any benefits by policy expiration date. Ask us about ROP!  

“You’re Fired!” – and Your Mortgage is Due Tomorrow

You never want to hear those words. However, it may happen. Do you have a “plan B”? Will you find another job soon enough  that you’ll be able to keep up with your expenses? Your bills will need to be paid. What if you can’t pay your mortgage?   Don’t lose your home just because [...]

Declined, Rejected, Postponed or Rated for Insurance? You still have options

Do you find it hard to get the insurance you need? As independent insurance brokers, we have a large portfolio of “A” rated insurers that allows us to find great coverage even if you have been declined before. Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care, Medicare Supplements, Final Expense – we have the solutions you need. [...]

Alternative to Workers’ Comp – Disability Insurance for employers and business owners who can opt-out of WC

Oklahoma and Texas now allow some employers to opt-out of the traditional Workers’ Compensation plans and find alternative coverage to protect their employees against income loss due to medical issues. Other states may also allow only the business owner to opt out of W.C. coverage for the owners. What are the options to replace the [...]

Emergency Fund, Insurance, or Both? “Rainy days” may require more planning on your part

You’ve heard that a million times (I hope): “Have an emergency fund!”. “Pay yourself first!”. “Save! Save! Save!”. No matter how strict you are with your budgeting and saving for emergency situations, you still can’t take the unknown out of the equation: “How long will my emergency fund last, if something happened?” “Something” could be [...]

The ATM Machine in Your Living Room

What if you had an ATM in your living room? If you had an ATM that would give you $50,000 cash every year, would you insure it against damage or outage? You certainly would! You already insure some of your lower valued items, like your car (a necessity, not a money-maker), your home (maybe your [...]

Does Your Health Insurance Pay For Income Loss As Well?

Lost wages covered by health insurance supplement (income loss protection). Your doctors get paid, but who pays you? As a responsible person, you probably have health insurance to cover you for major medical illnesses or accidents, doctors fees, hospital bills, medications cost. But will your medical insurance cover for income lost during your illness? If [...]

Lost Wages Protection for Veterinarians

Veterinarians need to protect their income with disability insurance Like many medical occupations, veterinarians know that if they hurt their arms or their back chances are they will be left without an income. Usually, most vets are self employed or run a small practice with a couple of employees, veterinarian assistant, billing or sales clerk. [...]

Are life insurance proceeds taxable?

Life Insurance Taxation FAQs How are life insurance death benefits taxed? If you have a life insurance policy, you probably wonder if you or your beneficiaries will have to pay taxes on the life insurance proceeds. The general rule is that death benefits paid to a beneficiary are received income tax free. This tax-free treatment [...]

Ten Myths About Disability Insurance, Debunked

Top Ten Myths About Disability Insurance, Debunked   You may have your reasons for not getting disability income (DI) insurance. But do you know the facts?   10.    Social Security will take care of me. Fact: Social Security initially denies about 65 percent of all disability claims.*   9.    I expect to stay [...]

Life Happens! We Have Solutions. Financial protection for you, your family and your business

Event-based Solutions Our experienced advisors can help you with customized protection solutions for your life’s biggest events: Saying “I do” Being a parent Single and independent Buying a home Owning a business Life changes all the time. As we encounter new situations, our protection needs change as well. LifeGuy is here to help with the [...]

Challenge accepted: Jennifer Love Hewitt, I will insure you!

Challenge accepted: Jennifer Love Hewitt, I want to insure your boobs! I would normally stay away from sensationalist news, but this one relates to my business: Jennifer Love Hewitt said during her interview on USA Today that she would insure her breasts for $2.5 million, even though she values them at $5 million. It sounded [...]

How much does it cost to insure my hands or body?

After writing my article last year ”Can I insure my hands?” , seems like the question I get the most lately is “So, how much is it to insure my hands?” Not an arm and a leg! Before I give you the answer to this question in detail, I would like you to complete this poll:     [...]

Employer discounts for insurance

Most insurance companies offer discounts to the employees of certain employers. Discounts may be available to companies with as many as two employees. Insurance discounts start from 10% to 45% depending of the number of employees that are insured with the same insurance company. For other types of discounts, CLICK HERE. Check below to find out if [...]

How to Get Insurance Discounts

Insurance is one of those things that you don’t want to deal with, but at the same time you can’t live without it. So, if you have to get insurance against certain risks, why not check to see if you qualify for insurance discounts. Employer discounts vary from 10 to 45%; Check HERE to see if [...]

What is the most dangerous job in America?

The most dangerous job in US, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, is commercial fishing. An obvious need for income protection, short-term and long-term sick pay You remember the reality TV show, The Deadliest Catch? The series only gives a glimpse of the dangers of deep sea fishing. The need for income protection [...]

Lost wages compensation for off or on the job injuries or illnesses

You may already be familiar with how Workers’ Comp works: if you get injured at work or on a job site, you will receive compensation to replace the income lost due to being unable to work due to your injuries or work related sickness. However, did you know that over 90% of insurance claims are [...]

Happy New Year, 2013!

2012 has been a good year for me as I hope it was for you too! There were quite a few events that made this past year special: My brother got married and I got to travel back to Romania and attend the wedding, I got to visit London during the Olympics with Melanie, the [...]

Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists Need Hands Insurance Too

My last client who is a physical therapist suggested that I should contact all physical therapists and massage therapists in the area because – like herself – they don’t have adequate protection provided by their employer to cover their income or paycheck. Generally, professionals in this occupation are self-employed individuals or 1099 contractors that are not [...]

Invisible illnesses can steal your paycheck

Did you ever have to park far from the main entrance at a shopping center, just to see someone parked in a “handicapped” spot who comes out of the car and is not in a wheelchair? You may be tempted to think that they’re just taking advantage of the system or just using a relative’s [...]

Everybody deserves a second chance. All pre-existing conditions accepted.

Have you been declined for insurance? You must feel discouraged and think you’re out of luck. Actually, there are still options for you even if you’ve been rejected for insurance in the past. All different types of insurance (life, disability, health) have some alternatives called “substandard” insurance available for not-so-healthy individuals. Some of these second [...]

Life Insurance is LOVE Insurance ™

“All we need is love!” We show our love in many different ways: a warm embrace, a loving glance, a gentle kiss, a thoughtful gift. But when it comes to protecting your loved ones financially, nothing says “I love you” better than having life insurance. Life insurance is love insurance ™ Life insurance is not [...]

Best no-medical term insurance with disability rider

If you’re considering term insurance, think about adding some of the living benefits on your life insurance policy: term insurance with disability rider, mortgage protection that pays your mortgage if you lose your job, cancer insurance that will pay a lump sum of money if you get diagnosed with cancer, stroke or heart attack. The [...]

Can I insure my hands? Where to get hands insurance

Can I insure my hands? Surgeons, Dentists, Physicians – click here for Specialty own-occ DI Yes, you can insure your hands and it makes total sense: you depend on your hands to do pretty much anything. Hands insurance is a must for almost anyone working with their hands. It is most popular amongst Massage Therapists, [...]

Scary gaps in your insurance coverage are lurking, just waiting for the best (or worst) moment to jump at you

You think you’re covered, but have you checked your benefits lately, to compare with your current needs?  Life changes every day: got a raise, move to a new home, growing families, health changes… Make sure your protection plans keep up with your pace. Health, life and disability insurance need to be adjusted from time to [...]

Why do people get life insurance?

Most people get life insurance for the death benefit, providing peace of mind that their loved ones will be taken care of, if the insured dies prematurely. Not too many people are aware of the “living benefits” of life insurance: cancer benefits, heart attack or stroke benefits paid at first diagnosis (money that can be [...]

Life insurance that pays you to live!

Life insurance for life   Life insurance is usually a subject from which most of us would prefer to stay away. Nobody wants to think of their mortality. Or if they do, they see themselves living a long  fulfilling life.   Good news: for most of us, this is true. Due to the medical and [...]

Gov. Rick Scott proclaims September the Life Insurance Awareness Month in Florida

Governor Rick Scott has proclaimed September Life Insurance Awareness Month. To download a copy of the Proclamation click here. Gov. Scott underscores the importance of life insurance   Gov. Rick Scott has proclaimed September 2011 as Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) in Florida. Noting that nearly 95 million Americans have no life insurance and many [...]

If you could afford to insure one of your body parts, which would that be?

  You’ve heard of celebrities getting huge amounts of insurance for certain body parts to help them avoid a financial burden if one day they can’t perform their job: After Gillette determined that Rihanna has the most goddess-like legs in the world, she insured them for $1 million. Madonna thinks she would lose about $2,000,000 [...]

Which are the most important disability insurance riders?

When deciding to protect your income, choosing a disability insurance policy can be overwhelming. A Disability insurance expert  will explain each rider and find the best plan based on your disability income needs and areas of concern. The Residual Disability Income is the most important DI rider.   Residual Disability Rider If you are sick or hurt and [...]

How Will My Disability Insurance Policy Pay?

The most important factor to take into consideration when choosing to protect your income with disability insurance, is the DEFINITION of total disability on your policy.   Own-Occupation All white collar occupations should be protected with a DI policy that has “own-occ” definition of total disability. This will allow you to work in another occupation [...]

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Insurance or Mortgage Protection is needed when you are concerned about making your house payments in case you lose your job, or if you get too sick or hurt to work and earn an income, or in case of premature death. To get a mortgage insurance protection quote, fill out the form below: Full [...]

When Should I Get Life Insurance?

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today!   Many people ask me when is the best time to get life insurance. Three good reasons to talk about the future, today: 1) “Tomorrow” doesn’t come with a guarantee 2) The sooner you start planning, the more [...]

Can You Insure Your Love? – Radio spot

Can you insure your love? Yes you can, with Life insurance. You do things for your family out of love. What if you won’t be here tomorrow? Show them you love them even when you’re not around. Get Life Insurance from $10 per m onth! Get your quote free, at (239) LIFE-GUY or online at [...]

Would you prefer a Get Well card, or $50,000 check?

NEW: Now CANCER SURVIVORS can also get cancer insurance benefits!!! Read more here.     I know many people are currently fighting with an illness or recovering from an accident, that struggle financially due to high costs of medical care. Even if you have health insurance, not all incidental expenses are covered by major medical coverage. [...]

Life Guy is here to help

 The Life Guy can help you protect your family, lifestyle, assets, income, retirement, and more. With a portfolio of insurance products designed to cover all your financial needs, we can customize the best plan to fit your budget.   Term Insurance Permanent Life Insurance (Whole Life / Universal Life) Disability Insurance (Income Protection) Retirement Planning [...]

Life Insurance is Love Insurance. LifeGuy helps families in the times of need. Life, Retirement, Mortgage Ins. and Disability Insurance.