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NEW- Cancer insurance now also available to CANCER SURVIVORS

Cancer benefits plans NOW ALSO AVAILABLE TO CANCER SURVIVORS! If you’re a cancer survivor or you have a friend or family member who is, you obviously know how expensive cancer is. Now cancer survivors can get Cancer Insurance Benefits! 2 years look back in Florida for breast cancers, 5 in other states and other types […]

“The kid who went down fighting, but didn’t really lose” – Zach Sobiech

A life lesson for all of us:  “You don’t have to find out you’re dying, to start living.” – Zach Sobiech       This month, the world lost an amazing, inspirational guy.  Zach Sobiech, who just turned 18 this month (May 3rd, 2013) fought against cancer with a smile that changed the world. “If only […]

Don’t fool yourself! – The Truth About Insurance

The truth is, everyone hates insurance. Another reality that is unfortunately true: we all need it! I’ve had some of those days when working on my budget, I was looking for expenses I could cut and thought of all my insurance policies: after all, how do I know if something is going to happen to […]

Life Happens! We Have Solutions. Financial protection for you, your family and your business

Event-based Solutions Our experienced advisors can help you with customized protection solutions for your life’s biggest events: Saying “I do” Being a parent Single and independent Buying a home Owning a business Life changes all the time. As we encounter new situations, our protection needs change as well. LifeGuy is here to help with the […]

Challenge accepted: Jennifer Love Hewitt, I will insure you!

Challenge accepted: Jennifer Love Hewitt, I want to insure your boobs! I would normally stay away from sensationalist news, but this one relates to my business: Jennifer Love Hewitt said during her interview on USA Today that she would insure her breasts for $2.5 million, even though she values them at $5 million. It sounded […]

Imagine living on half of your paycheck. 5 ways to make sure your income continues if you can’t work

  Have you set your alarm to wake you up this morning? If you did, then you depend on your income to pay for everyday expenses (trust fund babies, please move on to a different article, this information does not apply to you). Disability insurance protects your income Most work provided long-term and short-term disability insurance […]

How to reduce the risk of cancer?

It is known that diet, exercise, smoking and other choices will greatly impact your chances of getting cancer. That’s why we have to try and eat right, stay active and have an overall healthy lifestyle. But, some of the cancers are caused by a hereditary gene. Although the hereditary abnormal gene is currently the cause […]

Life insurance that pays you to live!

Life insurance for life   Life insurance is usually a subject from which most of us would prefer to stay away. Nobody wants to think of their mortality. Or if they do, they see themselves living a long  fulfilling life.   Good news: for most of us, this is true. Due to the medical and […]

In A Perfect World…

In a Perfect World … In a perfect world, there would be no disease. No accidents. No death. In a perfect world, there would be no risks. In a perfect world, you would not need insurance to cover your life, health, family, mortgage, business… In an almost perfect world, if you do need to get […]

When Should I Get Life Insurance?

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today!   Many people ask me when is the best time to get life insurance. Three good reasons to talk about the future, today: 1) “Tomorrow” doesn’t come with a guarantee 2) The sooner you start planning, the more […]

Prayers are welcome, but I’m sending a check!

The hardest thing in life is the loss of a loved one. But almost as hard is having someone we love deal with cancer, or any other serious illness or accident. Or – even worst – be the burden for your family if you are the one hit with such bad luck.  We’ve all been […]

Leap Into a Safer Future

This year we have an extra day: February 29th only comes once every four years. It is interesting to know that Egyptians came up with the Leap Day to make up for the difference between their calendar and the time it takes the Earth to complete a full rotation around the Sun. These ancient people […]

It’s Time For Some Payback! – Radio spot

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a type of insurance that was there when you need it, and gave you your money back if not? THERE IS! Term Life Insurance with Return of Premium (ROP) will return 100% of your premiums back at the end of the insurance contract. (Your selected term: 15, 20, […]

Would you prefer a Get Well card, or $50,000 check?

NEW: Now CANCER SURVIVORS can also get cancer insurance benefits!!! Read more here.     I know many people are currently fighting with an illness or recovering from an accident, that struggle financially due to high costs of medical care. Even if you have health insurance, not all incidental expenses are covered by major medical coverage. […]

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