Can I insure my hands? Where to get hands insurance

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Can I insure my hands?

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Yes, you can insure your hands and it makes total sense: you depend on your hands to do pretty much anything. Hands insurance is a must for almost anyone working with their hands. It is most popular amongst Massage Therapists, Surgeons, and anyone needing their hands for their occupation duties . But how about your back? Your legs? Muscle tissue? Will you be able to work if you damage one of these other organs or body parts?   There is an insurance policy called Disability Income Insurance – which protects your hands as well as all other body parts that help you in your job and everyday activities.

Body part insurance (including hands insurance) will pay a lump sum if you lost use of said body part. Depending on the amount of benefit you’re looking for, the premiums can go pretty high, but are still affordable even for the most common occupations. However, unless you are a star and trying to pull off a publicity stunt with few $million dolars in hands insurance, you may be better off looking at disability insurance which will fit every occupation. If you can’t work because of any illness or injury and have a loss of income, the disability insurance policy will pay you a monthly benefit – this can be paid until age 65 or 70, and can still amount for millions of dollars over time. You may not be a star, but if you depend on your income to pay for your bills, then you NEED disability insurance.

Think of your income potential from now until your retirement: it may amount to few hundred thousand or even few millions of dollars. Isn’t that asset worth protecting? If you think of it, your income is your largest asset you will ever have.

Start protecting your hands and income now! Get a free quote at  or call 877-LIFE-GUY and get multiple options. or


If you’re wondering how much does hands insurance or disability insurance cost, read THIS article



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38 thoughts on “Can I insure my hands? Where to get hands insurance

  1. Ian Swaby says:

    I’m a chef and interested in a policy for my hands.

    1. LifeGuy says:

      give me a call at 239-466-4466

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m a massage therapist and would like to insure my hands. Please give me a estimate. I live in FL.
    Thanks, Nancy

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Nancy, I need your AGE or DOB, and how much benefit you need per month. Call me at 239-466-4466.

  3. Andrea Swearingen says:

    I fractured my wrist several years ago and didn’t have insurance which meant I hand to work sooner than expected. I’m a massage therapist and have heard that the insurance is sometimes sketchy. For you to get the payout there has to be no other alternative to your work. For instance, when I broke my wrist I still had my forearms and my non dominate hand. Due to me having an alternative some insurers wouldn’t payout. Can you clarify for your insurance coverage.

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Hi, Andrea!
      I replied to you by email. Please confirm receipt.

      1. Jamica says:

        My wife is a massage therapist and I always wondered if she can get her hands protected, how would she get started doing that

        1. LifeGuy says:

          I can help! Call me at 239-466-4466

  4. Kristen says:

    I am a massage therapist and am interested in finding insurance for my hands. Do you have sny helpful information. Thank you

    1. LifeGuy says:

      I sent you an email. Please reply or call 239-466-4466

  5. lee vines says:

    I am a dj and u wanted to find out about insurance for my hands

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Lee, call me at 239-466-4466 and I will get your quotes.

  6. Camille Manning says:

    I am a plumber in New York City. I am very interested in insuring my hands and would really appreciate some feedback.

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Camille, what is your age, and do you smoke?
      Call me at 239-466-4466

  7. Elsie Coleman says:

    I am a Cosmetologist and I would like to insure my hands.

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Sure, I can help! Call me at 239-466-4466

  8. John says:

    I am a cocktail server for a living right now but I am also looking to become a graphic designer and will be using my hands a lot for that as well do you think it would be good to insure my hands

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Call me at 239-466-4466

  9. consuelo chaneco says:

    I want to insure my hands and arms if possible.
    I had been using my arms and hands in m profession. Architectural planning and drawings.

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Call me at 239-466-4466; i can help!

  10. Linda strutt says:

    I am a cosmologists. I would like a quote

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Please give me a call at 239-466-4466 for quotes.

  11. errik says:

    Iam a photographer at disney in florida I wanto kno more info on insurance

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Hi, Errik! I just sent you an email.

  12. Desiree Rodriguez says:

    Hi Daniel , I have been a massage therapist for 10 years and would love information on insuring my hands. Thank you!

  13. JESSE A. ALCALA says:

    Yes DANIEL , MY NAME IS JESSE ALCALA.Ive been a Surgical Technology for 24 years. eventually i want to get my surgical first assist . Please send me some Literature on what i need to do to Insure my hands.Qoutes, premiums , & benefits would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU, J JESSE A. ALCALA.

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Hi, Jesse! I just sent you an email; need more info from you. I can get you quotes from a few different companies and you can choose the best rates.

  14. Mary says:

    I am a Massage and i work in Key biscayne i world lije to know how much do I have to pay at month if I want to get at least 4000 a month if I can’t use my hands or get injured I am 33 years old

    1. LifeGuy says:

      Mary, for a benefit of $4000 per month, your lowest premium will be about $102/mo. I sent you some quotes in email.

  15. Tina says:

    I am a dental assistant and it is my hands I would like to insure.

    1. LifeGuy says:

      I sent you an email.

  16. Tracy says:

    How much is it to insure my hands, I work with them

    1. LifeGuy says:

      It depends on your state, age and your duties at work. Last client who is a massage therapist age 35, got a plan for $26 per month, which will pay a monthly income of $1,000 per month is she can’t use her hands or if she can’t work due to ANY injury or illness. PM me at to get more details.

    2. Do you still need hands insurance? Contact me 239-466-4466 or email

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