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Final Expense LIFE at ages 75-85

Final Expenses can be a burden for your family, if there is no life insurance or burial policy in place. RATES FROM $35/mo at age 75 Bad health? Diabetes? Pain meds? We can cover you! Some plans have GUARANTEED APPROVAL, nobody gets rejected! See sample rates below, for males and females ages 75, 80 and [...]

$100,000 life insurance at age 50, for 22/month ?

How much does $100k of life insurance cost at age 50? RATES FROM $22/MONTH FOR $100,000 AT AGE 50 If you need more life insurance, you may wonder what the rates are and don’t know where to check? We compare all companies rates and find the lowest premiums available for you. For example, a healthy [...]


BaconFest visitors special offer from LifeGuy

Thanks for visiting our booth at BACON FEST! As promised, I will help you get FREE LIFE INSURANCE for a full year! (then, if you decide to keep it after the first FREE 12 months, it’s only $10/year per FAMILY!) Download the application below,       or      READ MORE here. ACCIDENTAL $3000 [...]


Medicare or Health questions? We have answers!   Full Name: Email: Phone: I’m interested in: Return Of Premium Life Insurance, Family and Asset Protection, FINAL EXPENSES Medicare Major Medical Health Insurance Free pharmacy discount card for prescription drugs Medicare Supplements Mortgage Protection Insurance Cancer Insurance (Lump sum benefit at first diagnosis) Critical Illness Insurance (Heart [...]

NEW- Cancer insurance now also available to CANCER SURVIVORS

Cancer benefits plans NOW ALSO AVAILABLE TO CANCER SURVIVORS! If you’re a cancer survivor or you have a friend or family member who is, you obviously know how expensive cancer is. Now cancer survivors can get Cancer Insurance Benefits! 2 years look back in Florida for breast cancers, 5 in other states and other types [...]

Senior Care Plan – Final Expense

SENIOR CARE PLANS – FINAL EXPENSE from $29/month CALL (239) 466-4466 Have you seen our TV ad for seniors final expense? SENIOR CARE FINAL EXPENSE PLANS – FROM $29/MONTH CALL NOW: (239) 466-4466   or  (239) LIFE-GUY   Final Expense life insurance coverage for seniors between ages of 50 and 90 – you can qualify [...]

Living together but not married. Does LIFE INSURANCE make sense?

So you’re in a long term relationship, maybe you had the marriage talk or not, but you certainly care about your significant other and what would happen to them if they get sick, or if you get sick, or die prematurely.   When my wife and I were still dating, I decided to purchase life [...]

Music legend Prince died from flu at age 57? Life insurance pays

I’m still in shock since I’ve heard the terrible news that Prince, the iconic music superstar, has died. And the cause? Flu. Of all the ways to leave this world, one would not consider the flu to be the ultimate threat to their life. But don’t be surprised: according to CDC, there have been as [...]

Your Legacy of Love – video

If you’re ready to start the conversation about protecting your loved ones, please call (239) 466-4466 or email Your Legacy of LOVE Transamerica life insurance video

LifeGuy saves lives – Project Tyler Doohan – Free smoke detectors for all

You probably heard of the hero Tyler Doohan, an eight year old that saved six family members from a fire and then died while trying to save his disabled grandfather. Our “Project Tyler Doohan” celebrates Tyler’s courage and life by helping to provide smoke detectors so other families won’t have to go through similar tragic [...]

REFUNDABLE Premium Insurance – The only kind of insurance you should get!

You know you gotta have insurance on your home, car, life, health, lost wages, etc, but you hate paying premiums for coverage you may never get to cash in. The solution: REFUNDABLE premium insurance! Now you can have PEACE OF MIND when needed, and your MONEY BACK if you didn’t need the insurance. Ask us [...]

PPI Insurance to Cover Loans

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) also known as credit protection insurance or loan repayment insurance is needed when your lender requires extra protection against inability to pay the loan due to an illness or accident. If you get sick or hurt, you won’t be able to work so you may be unable to make your loan [...]

Leap Year FREE Financial Review

Leap years are a good time to look back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Every four years I remind my clients to take a look at their financial picture and I offer to review your financial needs for free: Are your financial goals on track? Are you paying too much on your insurance? Are [...]

24/7 coverage for Employee Benefits, ON and OFF-the-job

If your job offers a sick-pay plan, ask to read the benefits booklet. It is very possible that your plan may only cover you for OFF-THE-JOB injuries and illnesses. In a world where we spend more than half of our awake hours at work or on the way to/from your job, why would you take [...]

Free Insurance for All

Our “FREEINSURANCE” project started from the need to cover more American families with protection that is crucial to their financial well-being. Don’t let your family without any insurance protection, take advantage of our “free insurance” plan available to those between the ages 0-64. Plans are available to others outside of that criteria, but for a [...]

Over 80% will have to work past age 65

Most “Baby Boomers” are not ready to retire. 82% will have to keep working past age 65, due to insufficient retirement savings*! Protecting income past age 65 Income replacement is often overlooked by people age 60 or older. Are you prepared to lose half of your household income any time soon? See the case study below: [...]

All Lives Matter

In an effort to provide financial help to all families, LifeGuy started the “All Lives Matter” Project, providing a free accident life policy* to all families in the US. If you want to get your FREE accidental life policy, complete this short application and send it to Daniel “LifeGuy” Dragan by email, fax, or mail. [...]

Free GIFT for YOU! No-cost Life Insurance

I’ve met many people during my career, who need insurance protection but can’t really afford it. So I’m trying to make the world a better place and take one little worry out of people’s minds: protecting their families. I have a free GIFT for all who are interested: please help me spread the word: FREE [...]

Powerball dreams, or reality check?

When I ask people why they don’t have enough protection for big life events and risks (mortgage protection, protection against financial disaster brought by illnesses, accidents, end-of-life or even outliving their savings) the answer I hear most often is “money”. The misconception is that you have to have a lot of money to protect your [...]

You Don’t Have to Win the Lotto to be a Millionaire

If your retirement plan is to win the lottery, we need to talk! Real planning takes systematic saving, discipline and safe investing. Let’s talk REAL retirement planning and make sure we get you to your MILLION DOLLAR RETIREMENT goal! (we have over 70 companies to choose from – we will find the safest plan for [...]

Don’t Fall for These Life Insurance Myths!

Life insurance is for rich people FALSE! Everyone needs life insurance. Let the insurance company cover the risks, for a small premium. Rich people can actually afford to self-insure, they don’t NEED life insurance. However, even the rich get insurance because they prefer that insurance companies pay for the risks, so they can hold on [...]

Even Karaoke can be deadly. Do you want to know what’s going to kill you?

I was reading recently about a series of deaths in Asia that got the name of “My Way killings”. Long story short, a few Karaoke singers that were off tune were killed in some Asian countries. Out of all possible ways I see myself checking out, Karaoke was not one of them, until now. The thing [...]

Disability Insurance for Chiropractors

Addressing the underserved Chiropractors Market Regarding the underwriting of disability insurance, certain occupation classes require more finesse than others.  One such classification is that of the chiropractic professional; not risky as an underground coal miner, but definitely of more concern than an accountant.  But why?  Why are chiropractors considered higher DI risks for insurance companies? [...]

Remember when you got sick last time?

Do you remember how much it cost you? Next time you’ll get sick,  you’ll take a few days off from work. Then worry about  losing income. Get insured now

Loss of Income Insurance – Protect Your Paycheck

Loss of income protection – Disability income insurance Disability Insurance Quotes Online   |   Disability Insurance Riders   |   Aflac Alternatives   |   Mortgage Protection   Your income is the largest asset you’ll ever own: it helps you pay for all your other assets, home, car, retirement, lifestyle. It makes sense to [...]

39% Would Rather Be Without Smartphones Than Protect Their Families

In a recent survey by Penn Mutual the respondents had a choice between talking about life insurance or living without their smartphone for a week. Surprisingly, 39% replied that they prefer to be without their smartphone, than talking about protecting their families. When asked why they chose their answer, most people said that life insurance [...]

Use it BEFORE you die! NEW life insurance with living benefits

Do you have the old life insurance policy which only pays when you die? Now you can get a NEW life insurance policy with LIVING BENEFITS, which will pay you if you SURVIVE an accident or illness! Ask for more info or a free quote now: 1-877-LIFEGUY   or

Video – Why protect your paycheck


Insurance coverage for Ebola now available

With all the alarming news on this subject lately, we are improving our portfolio of products to protect our clients for any risks. A menacing shadow has been cast over West Africa. The governments of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are on a race against time to stop the lethal spread of the Ebola virus [...]

Everything You Own Depends On Your Income. Protect your paycheck!

What will you have to give up on, if you lose part of your income due to medical issues? If you lose part of your income due to medical issues, what will you have to cut expenses on? Will you give up buying food? Paying for utilities? Who will pay for your family’s expenses? Can [...]

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Business Owners: Avoid IRS’ IRC Section 105 tax consequences with a simple Qualified Sick-Pay Plan

Business Owners: Avoid IRS’ IRC Section 105 penalties with a simple Qualified Sick-Pay Plan Section 105 of the Internal Revenue Code allows for reimbursements of medical expenses under an employer-sponsored medical plan. What would you do if one of your key employees was disabled for a period of time? Are you prepared for the serious [...]

86% of Americans think life insurance is too expensive, yet they overestimate the cost

In a recent survey by the Life Foundation it was discovered that the majority of the Americans who don’t own life insurance think that it’s too expensive. Most of the ones interviewed have wrongly estimated on average that the cost of life insurance is over twice the real premium amounts. In reality, during the last [...]

Group long-term disability may not be enough!

Employer-paid group LTD may not cover all of your income needs while sick The other day I was reading an eye-opening report about clients that had long-term disability insurance claims, who had the coverage offered by their employer. Although they felt they had adequate coverage before going on claim, they have discovered that the benefits [...]

Sick pay for stay-at-home parents – Disability insurance for homemakers?

A “stay-at-home” parent does not actively bring in an income, but the services provided are valued by experts at around $60 – $90,000 per year (depending on where they live). What is the actual job description of a homemaker? Nanny, taxi cab driver, chef, personal shopper, housekeeper, scheduler, nurse, etc. Think of all the expenses [...]

There’s More Than One Kind of Duck – Suplemental Insurance Alternatives for Individuals and Self-Employed

The white talking duck has done a tremendous job raising awareness for availability of supplemental health plans and loss of wages (disability insurance) plans. These insurance policies  can help pay your bills if you get hurt or sick, whereas major medical only pays your doctors, hospital, and pharmacy. Many consumers are not aware that if [...]

“Which job would YOU choose?” How to increase employees retention and loyalty

Your employees are the heart of your business What makes your business valuable? Great service, good products, happy employees. Trusted loyal key employees are hard to find, but when you find them, you better keep them happy! Make sure your employees are encouraged to stay with you, by providing certain benefits sometimes at no extra [...]

Angelina Jolie’s aunt loses battle with cancer. What are your odds?

Cancer seems to make the headlines week after week. Days after we found out that Angelina Jolie’s elective double mastectomy lowered her risk of breast cancer from 87% to .4%, her aunt loses her own battle with the big “C”. Angelina’s mother also died of ovarian cancer in 2007. Genetic testing allows us to find [...]

Do you insure your insurance? Waive your premiums, expenses, utilities and bills

“Insuring your insurance” – This may sound redundant at first glance, but did you think how will you pay your health insurance premiums if you get sick and can’t work? And that’s exactly when you’ll need your health insurance the most! Waiver of Premium (WOP) Some life insurance policies come with a waiver of premium [...]

“The kid who went down fighting, but didn’t really lose” – Zach Sobiech

A life lesson for all of us:  “You don’t have to find out you’re dying, to start living.” – Zach Sobiech       This month, the world lost an amazing, inspirational guy.  Zach Sobiech, who just turned 18 this month (May 3rd, 2013) fought against cancer with a smile that changed the world. “If only [...]

Funny jingle – 239-LIFE-GUY cowboy style

We loved this video from our Camp Cookie cowboy friend; I know you’ll enjoy it! And YES – Return of Premium is available on most plans, which will pay back all premiums paid if you didn’t receive any benefits by policy expiration date. Ask us about ROP!  

“You’re Fired!” – and Your Mortgage is Due Tomorrow

You never want to hear those words. However, it may happen. Do you have a “plan B”? Will you find another job soon enough  that you’ll be able to keep up with your expenses? Your bills will need to be paid. What if you can’t pay your mortgage?   Don’t lose your home just because [...]

Declined, Rejected, Postponed or Rated for Insurance? You still have options

Do you find it hard to get the insurance you need? As independent insurance brokers, we have a large portfolio of “A” rated insurers that allows us to find great coverage even if you have been declined before. Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care, Medicare Supplements, Final Expense – we have the solutions you need. [...]

Alternative to Workers’ Comp – Disability Insurance for employers and business owners who can opt-out of WC

Oklahoma and Texas now allow some employers to opt-out of the traditional Workers’ Compensation plans and find alternative coverage to protect their employees against income loss due to medical issues. Other states may also allow only the business owner to opt out of W.C. coverage for the owners. What are the options to replace the [...]

Emergency Fund, Insurance, or Both? “Rainy days” may require more planning on your part

You’ve heard that a million times (I hope): “Have an emergency fund!”. “Pay yourself first!”. “Save! Save! Save!”. No matter how strict you are with your budgeting and saving for emergency situations, you still can’t take the unknown out of the equation: “How long will my emergency fund last, if something happened?” “Something” could be [...]

The ATM Machine in Your Living Room

What if you had an ATM in your living room? If you had an ATM that would give you $50,000 cash every year, would you insure it against damage or outage? You certainly would! You already insure some of your lower valued items, like your car (a necessity, not a money-maker), your home (maybe your [...]

Does Your Health Insurance Pay For Income Loss As Well?

Lost wages covered by health insurance supplement (income loss protection). Your doctors get paid, but who pays you? As a responsible person, you probably have health insurance to cover you for major medical illnesses or accidents, doctors fees, hospital bills, medications cost. But will your medical insurance cover for income lost during your illness? If [...]

Have You Heard of “No-Sickness” Insurance?

Insurance that guarantees that you won’t get sick? Yeah, neither did we! But, it would be great if it existed: You pay your annual premium in January and you’re guaranteed to be protected against any illnesses, accidents or medical issues for the rest of the year. This type of insurance comes with a magic wand, [...]

What Will You Do When You Get Sick and Run Out of Money?

Well, one options is: start begging your family or friends for money to pay your bills, or you’ll have to foreclose on your home, downsize, put off children’s education, use your pension funds and kiss your retirement goodbye. I suppose Social Security can help in those extreme cases (if you have 6 to 18 months [...]

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