Adult children responsible to pay for parents’ care? YES – in many states you are legally responsible to support the long-term care costs for your parents

At one point, 45 states in the U.S. had filial responsibility laws, now 30 states continue to keep children responsible for the care of their parents, and there is legal precedent of a nursing home filing lawsuit against the son of a patient, where the Court ruled that the son must pay, according to the filial law.

Don’t get caught in the filial law debt 


Get Long-Term Care Insurance for your parents

The filial responsibility laws will obligate the adult children (or depending on the state, potentially other family members) to pay for their parents’/ relatives’  food, clothing, shelter, health and medical needs. If the children fail to provide for these costs in an adequate manner, the states allow nursing homes and government agencies (Medicare and Medicaid, etc) to bring legal action to recover the cost of caring for the parents. Adult children can even go to jail in some states if they fail to provide filial support. The simple solution is LONG-TERM CARE insurance. Call 239-LIFE-GUY to inquire about LTC for your parents.


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